If you are out of time or cannot re-take the SSAT, here are some ways to boost your SSAT score without retesting:

  • If you have already done multiple tests, merge them to create a “superscore” of your best sections.
    • You can contact me here to learn about superscoring, and which schools allow it.
  • If you are repeating a grade, you have the option of scoring your SSAT at your current, or the grade below you. You can apply for a re-score to a different grade level. This will not change how many points you got, but it will change your percentile.
    • Middle Level tests (grades 5, 6 and 7) can only be rescored to other middle-level grades.
    • Upper Level tests (grade 8, 9, 10 and 11) can only be rescored to other upper-level grades.
    • If you show me your score, I can give you insight into which grade you should swap to. Schools will not know that you did a grade change.
  • If you have an IEP (a plan d’innervation in French), you are eligible for accommodations. This can mean getting up to 50% more time on tests, and have access to the use of a calculator for the math sections. So, ideally you would apply for accommodations and retest with them, but if you don’t have time to do that, you can inform the schools that you took the test without proper accommodations. This may make them more sympathetic towards your score.
  • For paper-tests, there is a bubble sheet to answer the questions. Mis-bubbling is a problem that happens if a student accidentally answers the wrong question on the bubble sheet, and then keeps answering the wrong question as they continue down the page. If your student fears this happened, you can explain your situation to the SSAT support staff and request a re-score by hand.

Ultimately, the most straightforward way to improve your SSAT is to practice consistently or get tutored.

There are also other meaningful ways to improve your application outside of the SSAT below.

How to Create a Strong Prep School Application Without the SSAT

The SSAT improves your application. If you choose to not submit your scores, you are putting yourself at a disadvantage compared to students who did. To combat this, applicants who are missing the SSAT should find other ways to make their application stand out. This can be particularly challenging for athletes whose application profiles lack […]

If you need help improving your SSAT score, retaking the test, or finding other methods of improving your chances of acceptances, you can request an appointment with me here.