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Curriculum Based Tutoring

Genesis Tutoring offers one-on-one tutoring at our office and online. This is a personalized learning experience for students to improve their grade, confidence and relationship to school.

How it Works

Each private session is structured to reflect a student’s goals and needs. They take place at our office or online.

Students work with their preferred tutor for the entire semester, and book sessions based on their own needs and schedule.

One-on-One Tutoring | 60$ / hour

Bring-a-Friend Tutoring | 45$ / hour each

All applicable taxes are already included.

Session Types

  • Direct support with class material
  • Executive functioning, planning, goal-setting and organization
  • Memory aid creation
  • Assistance with online learning portals
  • Guided practice

See our subjects tutored here.

Optional Session Feedback

Parents can request written session feedback from their tutors.  It includes what we covered, what needs to be done at home, student engagement levels, and more. Session feedback is a great way for families to have a simplified list of what work the student actually has due.

Feedback is written and sent in the last 5 minutes of a session. Parents are also welcome to use session time for direct communication with tutors.

Subjects Tutored

Standard one-on-one tutoring is 60$/h (tax already included).

You can book a session by getting in contact with us. • Call or text the scheduling phone at (438) 800 7069 • Email • If you’d prefer that we call you, fill out the new student form
Students will work with their preferred tutor for the whole semester. If the tutor is unavailable at your requested time, we can schedule a substitute tutor.
We offer tours and meetings by appointment only (call or text 438 800 7069). If you come to the centre without an appointment, we may be occupied with other students. Check out images of the centre here.
Each tutor has their own availability and schedule. Many of our tutors are able to accommodate after-school hours and weekends. Please call or text 438 800 7069 for this week's availability.

General Inquiries