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Academic Tutoring

Genesis Tutoring offers one-on-one curriculum-based tutoring at our office and online. This is a personalized learning experience for students to improve their grade, confidence and relationship to school.

How it Works

Each private session is structured to reflect a student’s goals and needs. They take place at our office or online.

Students work with their preferred tutor for the entire semester, and book sessions based on their own needs and schedule.

One-on-One Tutoring

60$ / hour

Bring-a-Friend Tutoring

45$ / hour each

All applicable taxes are already included.

Our location

We are located at 620 St. Jean in Pointe Claire. We are at the intersection of St. Jean’s and Hymus, and share a building with Scotia Bank. Please use the left door of the building (not the Scotia Bank entrance).

the outside of our building

Our Blog and Free Resources

5 tips for using AI for your schoolwork, while avoiding common mistakes

AI and Chat GPT can be used as a supplement to enhance your research, format your work, and revise your essays. It may be tempting to use AI for the bulk of your school work. Doing this risks getting caught for plagiarism, and enables people to go into tests underprepared. Overusing AI can lead to […]

Finding Extra Worksheets for Quebec Curriculum Math

At Genesis Tutoring, we provide students with extra resources daily. Many families ask how they can find their own additional worksheets that conform with the Quebec curriculum. Here are some of the best Quebec-made resources that prepare students for ministry exams. Allo Prof provides lesson plans, review videos and exercises for all subjects from grades […]

An Unfiltered Guide to High School Math: CST, TS and SN

Midway through grade 9 (secondary 3), Quebec students choose which level of math to take for grades 10 and 11. The three choices are CST (“low” math), TS (“middle” math) and SN (“high” math). This article will help you make the choice that aligns with your current strengths, and your goals after graduation. CST Math: […]

Let’s Make Sense of It: The Relationship Between ADHD and Altered Sensory Processing

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a complex neurological disorder that is characterized by symptoms of inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity. While the stereotypical image often conjured by the term “ADHD” involves a hyperactive young child who cannot sit still and struggles to focus, there are multiple lesser-known symptoms associated with the condition. These less recognized […]

Using Semicolons Properly

Using semicolons is essential for English courses, the SAT grammar section, and writing application essays to prep school and university. Like a Soft Period Saying “Wait! There’s More.” The semicolon can be replaced by a period. This means that it separates two separate sentences that could “stand on their own”. Here is a good usage […]

Tutoring Tax Credits for Quebec Students

When you file your taxes, there are certain medical and educational expenses you can claim on your tax return. Here are some tax breaks you may be eligible for. The CRA’s Disability Supports Deduction Revenue Quebec’s Tax Credit for Children’s Activities The CRA’s Disability Tax Credit Free and Subsidized Tutoring Options The CRA’s Disability Supports […]

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Meet Our Tutors

Standard one-on-one tutoring is 60$/h (tax already included).

You can book a session by getting in contact with us.
  • Call or text the scheduling phone at (438) 800 7069
  • Email
  • If you’d prefer that we call you, fill out the new student form
Students will work with their preferred tutor for the whole semester. If the tutor is unavailable at your requested time, we can schedule a substitute tutor.
We offer tours and meetings by appointment only (call or text 438 800 7069). If you come to the centre without an appointment, we may be occupied with other students. Check out images of the centre here.
No, we do not offer free trial lessons. However, if you are unsatisfied with your lesson, you will not be charged for it. 
Yes, we do in person sessions at our office at 620 St. Jean, in Pointe Claire. We also tutor online.
Our tutors have university degrees or professional diplomas. They are professional, qualified instructors. You can view each tutor's profile here.
Each tutor has their own availability and schedule. Many tutors can accommodate after-school hours and weekends. Please call or text 438 800 7069 for this week's availability. If you would like to drop in and visit the centre, we offer tours and meetings by appointment only (call or text 438 800 7069). If you come to the centre without an appointment, we may be occupied with other students. Check out images of the centre here.

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