At Genesis Tutoring, we provide students with extra resources daily. Many families ask how they can find their own additional worksheets that conform with the Quebec curriculum. Here are some of the best Quebec-made resources that prepare students for ministry exams.

  1. Allo Prof

Allo Prof provides lesson plans, review videos and exercises for all subjects from grades 1 to 11 (secondary 5). This website is created by over 200 Quebec educators with the mission of providing free and relevant resources for Quebec students in both the English and French systems.

Many families appreciate this exercise page where all filtered results are mini quizzes.

  1. Math 3000

Many English schools use Math 3000 book, which prepares students for the Quebec ministry exams. They are by Guérin-Editeur, a publisher that provides resources for the Quebec curriculum across multiple subjects.

They sell books which cover the full grade cycle. They provide a mix of instruction, practice questions, and quizzes.

Math 3000 also sells a book that only contains practice exams. This is a great option towards the end of the year when a student is familiar with all the concepts and needs review.

The main Math 3000 site encourages you to buy the books in bulk, because that is how they are traditionally sold to classes. However, they can be purchased individually from Guérin-Editeur here.

  1. IXL Quebec

IXL creates infinite multiple-choice and short answer quizzes that align with the Quebec Progression of Learning and the Quebec Education Program. They provide resources for math, English and Science up to grade 12.

These resources are only available in English.

Families get a certain number of free quizzes per day, and can gain access to infinitely many by subscribing for approximately $12.95 / month.

I find this resource better organized than Allo Prof, since it puts the curriculum in order (whereas with Allo Prof, you’d have to have a sense of where your child is at in the class, and what’s coming up).


Quebec’s educational resources are not a perfectly organized system. Hiring a tutor is one direct way to combat this, but there are other approaches that are free and done from home.

Through persistence, communication with teachers, and research, motivated families can gain access to the resources needed to enrich their child from home. Allo Prof, Math 3000 and IXL are great places to start.

If you would like information about more resources, or to work with me directly, I can be reached at 438 800 7069. You can also book a session with a tutor from my team here. We would be happy to provide targeted advice that you can reuse and take with you for years.