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Math Education and Tutoring in Montreal

Genesis Tutoring specializes in math education and advising. Our math articles will help you navigate the different options available for pursuing math in high school, CEGEP and university. Gain insight into what prerequisites you need, and which paths are best suited for you. If you need more support or direct advice, you can contact Lauren or the Genesis team directly here.

Finding Extra Worksheets for Quebec Curriculum Math

At Genesis Tutoring, we provide students with extra resources daily. Many families ask how they can find their own additional worksheets that conform with the Quebec curriculum. Here are some of the best Quebec-made resources that prepare students for ministry exams. Allo Prof provides lesson plans, review videos and exercises for all subjects from grades […]

An Unfiltered Guide to High School Math: CST, TS and SN

Midway through grade 9 (secondary 3), Quebec students choose which level of math to take for grades 10 and 11. The three choices are CST (“low” math), TS (“middle” math) and SN (“high” math). This article will help you make the choice that aligns with your current strengths, and your goals after graduation. CST Math: […]