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Genesis Tutoring offers services that are buildable, transparent, and non-judgemental. Whether you need quick support for an exam, skills coaching, or an academic mentor, our flexible approach means you can book according to your needs. Genesis primarily relies on word-of-mouth referrals, and we feel a deep sense of responsibility towards our students’ success. Learn more about our services below.

Genesis offers one-on-one or semi-private tutoring, in-person and online. This is a personalized learning experience for students to improve their grades, executive functioning skills, confidence and relationship to school.

If you’d like your child to have a separate, customized course outside of their current school curriculum, our tutors will build them a personalized enrichment program. We provide the materials and homework.

SSAT Montreal is a specialized project brought to you by Genesis Tutoring, offering support with prep school admissions, and tutoring for the SSAT, SAT, TOEFL+.

Holistic Assessments are optional in-depth consultations for the student and family to determine their academic needs and goals, and improve the quality of their lessons. Families leave with a summary report, daily flow chart for the student, and an optional study agreement.

SSAT Montreal is a specialized project brought to you by Genesis Tutoring, offering support with the SSAT, SAT, interview prep and application essay coaching.

Educational advocacy includes a variety of services that we provide outside of a student’s sessions. These include advocating for the fair treatment of your child in class, cross-communication between schools, and more.

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Five Tips for Using AI for Schoolwork: Avoiding Common Mistakes

AI and Chat GPT can be used as a supplement to enhance your research, format your work, and revise your essays. It may be tempting to use AI for the bulk of your school work. Doing this risks getting caught for plagiarism, and enables people to go into tests underprepared. Overusing AI can lead to […]

The Difference Between the SSAT, SAT and PSAT

The SSAT — The Prep School Entrance Exam The SSAT is an admissions test for high school and middle school students. Prep schools use the SSAT as part of their admissions process. Students who take the SSAT can be any grade from grades 3 to 11, as long as they are applying to a high school or middle […]

Finding Extra Worksheets for Quebec Curriculum Math

At Genesis Tutoring, we provide students with extra resources daily. Many families ask how they can find their own additional worksheets that conform with the Quebec curriculum. Here are some of the best Quebec-made resources that prepare students for ministry exams. Allo Prof provides lesson plans, review videos and exercises for all subjects from grades […]

How to Register for the SSAT and Avoid Extra Fees

Hi! I realize that signing up for the SSAT can be logistically confusing. A lot of optional payments are pre-selected for you, so it’s important to be aware of what you’re accepting, and actively uncheck what you don’t want to pay for. This guide will take you through every step of the process. If you’d […]

An Unfiltered Guide to High School Math: CST, TS and SN

Midway through grade 9 (secondary 3), Quebec students choose which level of math to take for grades 10 and 11. The three choices are CST (“low” math), TS (“middle” math) and SN (“high” math). This article will help you make the choice that aligns with your current strengths, and your goals after graduation. CST Math: […]

Submitting the Right Graded Essay for Prep Schools

Application portals like Gateway to Prep School and the SAO usually require students to submit a graded essay. The portals do not give students much guidance on what type of essay to submit. Here are some guidelines to follow. Criteria for Your Essay The quality of your writing is more important the the grade In […]

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