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Complete Exam Consultation

How it Works

This service guides students who are new to the SSAT. It is a one-on-one meeting with the family, and our director Lauren. The process includes a consultation about the SSAT, a live practice exam, and a detailed plan for improvement based on your timeline. The whole process is 4.5 hours.


Private — 300$

Group of 2 — 350$ (175$ x 2)
meant for friends or siblings who are comfortable sharing practice test scores

For team group tests at a specific location, contact us.

Step I

Pre-Test Consultation and Training

  • Discuss test structure and do practice problems with Lauren to warm up
  • Discuss scoring system, registration, and set goals
  • Apply for accommodations for students with IEPs

Step II

Take a Live Practice Test

  • A full-length practice test is administered
  • You may take home your final results and the test itself
  • The results are confidential and not sent to schools

Step III

Post-Test Strategic Planning

  • Present a personalized study plan for how to move forward until exam day
  • This meeting can be followed with tutoring sessions, or serve as a standalone consultation that gives families the information they need to move forward independently