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Advising for Hockey Players and Athletes

SSAT Montreal works closely with students athletes. This section of our website applies specifically to young hockey players applying prep to school. Having a family advisor is truly a hand-in-hand experience; you will be guided into a prep school with a hockey team that you can be proud of. Here are two family advisors we recommend.  

Sylvain Hallé

Sylvain Hallé works with young hockey players in Québec by applying to the right schools for you, booking your visits, inquiring into financial aid, communicating directly with coaches and admissions officers, and much more. We especially recommend Monsieur Hallé to our Françophone students. 

Hockey Etcetera

The experts at Hockey Etcetera work with Montreal players by offering hockey training and/or prep school consulting. They will guide you through the application process, interviews, financial aid, and more. If needed, Hockey Etcetera will train you and attend your games. They also offer creating video footage of the applicant on ice.


Sessions are held at the Genesis Tutoring centre in Pointe-Claire, or online. See our centre here.

House-calls for certain services are offered during the off-season (March - August). Availability is limited and subject to a travel fee.

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Each tutor has their own availability and schedule. Many of our tutors are able to accommodate after-school hours and weekends. Please call or text 438 800 7069 for this week's availability.

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