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Affordable Tutoring in Quebec

Genesis Tutoring’s mission is to provide or guide families towards a quality tutoring plan that meets their budget. Quebec has a wealth of subsidized and free services that we recommend as affordable alternatives to private tutoring. Learn what services are available to you, and use them!

Tutoring Tax Credits for Quebec Students

When you file your taxes, there are certain medical and educational expenses you can claim on your tax return. Here are some tax breaks you may be eligible for. The CRA’s Disability Supports Deduction Revenue Quebec’s Tax Credit for Children’s Activities The CRA’s Disability Tax Credit Free and Subsidized Tutoring Options The CRA’s Disability Supports […]

Free and Affordable Tutoring Options in Montreal and Quebec

If Genesis Tutoring is not within a student’s budget, we encourage you to call us anyways so that we can guide you towards free or more affordable options in your area. Here are some to consider now.