When you file your taxes, there are certain medical and educational expenses you can claim on your tax return. Here are some tax breaks you may be eligible for.

The CRA’s Disability Supports Deduction

Revenue Quebec’s Tax Credit for Children’s Activities

The CRA’s Disability Tax Credit

Free and Subsidized Tutoring Options

The CRA’s Disability Supports Deduction

Students who have a documented learning disability and require extra assistance as a result can claim private tutoring services as a medical expense on their taxes. A medical practitioner has to certify in writing that these services are needed.

The CRA describes tutoring as a possible medical expense here. You can learn more about the Disability Supports Deduction here.

Revenue Quebec’s Tax Credit for Children’s Activites

You can claim a tax credit for certain academic extra-curricular activities. Revenue Quebec defines eligible activities as including:

  • literary arts (poetry, reading, story writing, and more)
  • languages, customs and heritage courses
  • courses that assist with the development and use of intellectual skills
  • courses that provides enrichment or tutoring in academic subjects
  • more here

The tax refund you gain back is up to 100$ per child, or 200$ per child with an eligible disability. For more information visit the Tax Credit For Children’s Activity page by Revenue Quebec.

The CRA’s Disability Tax Credit

Certain students may also be eligible for the Disability Tax Credit. This is a tax credit given to people with significant disabilities to help reduce their expenses. If you have a significant learning disability, check your eligibility for the tax credit here.

Free and Subsidized Tutoring Options

Quebec has several free and subsidized tutoring options for students. I wrote a separate article on that below.

Free and Affordable Tutoring Options in Montreal and Quebec

If Genesis Tutoring is not within a student’s budget, we encourage you to call us anyways so that we can guide you towards free or more affordable options in your area. Here are some to consider now.

Your Accountant Knows Best

The CRA and Revenue Quebec websites are a maze of information. It can be difficult to know what or how much you qualify for.

The best person to speak to about tax breaks for tutoring is your accountant. You can share this list with them by clicking the share links below.