One of our goals at Genesis Tutoring is to make tutoring affordable and accessible to as many people as possible. We do this by setting a competitive rate for our students, paying our staff a competitive wage, and waving registration fees. If Genesis Tutoring is not within a student’s budget, we encourage you to call us anyways so that we can guide you towards free or more affordable options in your area. Here are some to consider now.

Free Tutoring for Grades 2-11 with LEARN Quebec)

LEARN Quebec is one option that offers free online tutoring to grades 2-11. This service is only accessible to students who attend public English schools in Quebec. They offer elementary students one 30-minute session per week, and high school students two 30-minute sessions per week. LEARN’s free tutoring is made by possible by funding from l’Entente Canada Quebec. You can register for a tutor, or get on the waitlist, at

It is also worth contacting your high school’s administration to inquire about their free or peer tutoring services. Certain teachers set tutoring time-blocks over lunch hour or after school, while others offer semi-private study groups during exam weeks.

Tax Credits for Tutoring

When you file your taxes, there are certain expenses you can claim on your tax return. The three major ones are

  • The CRA’s Disability Supports Deduction
  • Revenue Quebec’s Tax Credit for Children’s Activites

I wrote a separate article detailing each of these tax breaks below.

Tutoring Tax Credits for Quebec Students

When you file your taxes, there are certain medical and educational expenses you can claim on your tax return. Here are some tax breaks you may be eligible for. The CRA’s Disability Supports Deduction Revenue Quebec’s Tax Credit for Children’s Activities The CRA’s Disability Tax Credit Free and Subsidized Tutoring Options The CRA’s Disability Supports […]

Free Tutoring for John Abbott College Students

The Math Help Center offers in person tutoring at H-216, weekdays from 8:30am – 3:30pm. Tutoring is done by teachers for all levels of math.

The JAC Writing Center offers in person tutoring for reading and writing, in all JAC courses. Drop in at L-023 (library basement) or learn more here.

The Centre d’aide en français (CAF) offers French tutoring with or without an appointment at L-025. The schedule is posted there.

The Physics Tutoring Centre offers drop-in tutoring at AME-219, weekdays from 9:30am – 4:00pm (subject to change, see schedule in AME-219).

The Chemistry Tutoring Centre offers tutoring for CHEM 001, 003, and math courses NYA and NYB at AME-406. The schedule is on their door.

For more information about free tutoring at John Abbott College, visit, scroll down and click “Tutoring Help and On-Campus Study Locations“.

Free Tutoring for Dawson College Students

Dawson offers free peer tutoring for Dawson College students in Dawson courses. Sessions are in person or online, and are one hour long. Students can book up to two sessions per week. Visit to request a peer tutor and see if your course is eligible.

Free Tutoring for Concordia Students

If you are a student at Concordia University, you are eligible for free peer tutoring. Sessions are 1 hour long and can be booked multiple times a week when availability permits. Tutoring is held in person in the H building or online.

Click to see eligible Concordia courses
  • MATH 200, 201, 202, 203, 204, 205, 206, 208, 209
  • COMM 214, 215, 217, 305, 308
  • ACCO 230, 240

Log into the Student Success Centre’s online portal, then click on Student Learning Services > Peer Tutor Appointments > Peer Tutor Math Appointments. For more information, see

You can also book a session or get information about our paid services at Genesis Tutoring by filling out this form.

Subsidized and Free Tutoring for McGill Students

McGill has a bank of qualified private tutors that students can match with. Tutoring must be for McGill courses. The cost for one on one tutoring is 18$/hour for undergraduate tutors, and 22$/hour for graduate tutors.

Some groups of students are eligible for cheaper, or free tutoring at McGill:

  • Undergraduate students in their first year at McGill are eligible to one hour of free tutoring
  • Students on academic probation are eligible for free tutoring (contact McGill for more details on how much free tutoring)
  • Varsity athletes, students registered with Student Accessibility and Achievement, students with the Student Refugee Program via WUSC, and First Nations, Inuit and Metis students, are all eligible for subsidized or free tutoring. Visit for more information.

Click here to request a McGill tutor for your McGill courses.

I sincerely hope this article has been helpful and given you some new options to think about. Families can also consider stacking one of these options above with private tutoring.

If you are interested in private tutoring or working with me, you can request a call by filling out this form.

Free Tutoring for Laurentian Residents in Grades K-11

This option is for students who live in the Laurentians (outside of Montreal). The Laurentian Literacy Centre offers free after-school tutoring for Laurentian residents in math, reading and writing. Tutoring is offered for students in primary and secondary school.

They also provide free computer literacy courses to adults in the region.

The Laurentian Literacy Centre is a non-profit volunteer organization. You can make a donation or support their missions here.

Free French Tutoring for Learners Aged 16+ by Un Mondalire

Un Mondalire offers free in person French tutoring for learners aged 16 and older who feel that the traditional education system is not working for them. They offer group sessions and individual support.

They also offer science and math group workshops.

a peer tutor helping a student by pointing at a page

Written by Lauren Fagen

Lauren is the owner and director of Genesis Tutoring. She builds strategies for advanced math courses and standardized logic tests. Working with only a handful of students at a time, Lauren ensures that each student and family has a clear path towards their academic goals. Outside of the tutoring centre, Lauren has a deep connection with animals, primitive survival, and making art.

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