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Writing Tips

When it comes to student essays, we know that balancing creativity and proper formatting can be challenging. These blog posts are designed to help you simplify the challenge of essay-writing into actionable, step-by-step solutions.

Our posts will help you organize your essays to standard, and lead you to develop strong arguments that speak to your views. The goal is for your teachers to recognize and reward you for well-structured work, while at the same time have them appreciate your unique perspective.

5 tips for using AI for your schoolwork, while avoiding common mistakes

AI and Chat GPT can be used as a supplement to enhance your research, format your work, and revise your essays. It may be tempting to use AI for the bulk of your school work. Doing this risks getting caught for plagiarism, and enables people to go into tests underprepared. Overusing AI can lead to […]

Using Semicolons Properly

Using semicolons is essential for English courses, the SAT grammar section, and writing application essays to prep school and university. Like a Soft Period Saying “Wait! There’s More.” The semicolon can be replaced by a period. This means that it separates two separate sentences that could “stand on their own”. Here is a good usage […]

How to Answer a Complex Literary Analysis Question

A literary analysis assignment will ask you questions about a passage or text, and require you to use examples that back of your answer. Finding the right answer usually requires you to point to different parts of the text, and explain how they relate to each other. Knowing how to do this can be challenging, […]