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SSAT Tutoring and Consulting

SSAT Complete Exam Consultation

How it Works

This service is meant to guide students who are new to the SSAT. This is a one-on-one meeting with the family, and the director, Lauren. It includes a consultation about the SSAT, a live practice exam, and a post-exam consultation with plan for improvement based on your timeline. The whole process is 4.5 hours; you can see the breakdown below.

This is our most requested service so please book early.


Private — 300$

Group of 2 — 350$ (175$ x 2)
meant for friends or siblings who are comfortable sharing practice test scores

For team group tests at a specific location, contact us.

Step I

Pre-Test Consultation and Training

  • Discuss test structure and do practice problems with Lauren to warm up
  • Explain scoring system and set goals
  • Go through test registration process
  • Discuss relevant information for the student’s situation (i.e. learning disability accommodations, your timeline and schedule, and more)

Step II

Take a Live Practice Test

  • A full-length practice test is administered
  • You may take home your final results and the test itself
  • The results are confidential and not sent to schools

Step III

Post-Test Strategic Planning

  • Discuss what your scores mean, and where you could improve
  • Present a personalized study plan for how to move forward until exam day
  • Recommend appropriate prep books and resources
  • A summary email is sent to families with next steps that match their goals and needs
  • This meeting can be followed with tutoring sessions, or serve as a standalone consultation that gives families the information they need to move forward independently

SSAT Tutoring

Private Tutoring

  • In-person at our office or online for 1, 1 ½ or 2 hours
  • Intensive, strategy-based tutoring to improve your SSAT or TOEFL score by targeting your weaknesses on the test
  • Personalized lesson plans are created for each session to build off the student’s previous work, and help meet their goals before exam day
  • It is common to take a practice test first, as a method of assessing your points of weakness

Tutoring Rates

With our Director and SSAT Expert Lauren

  • One-on-One — 100$/hour
  • Group of 2 — 70$/hour x2

With a Tutor from Lauren’s Team

  • One-on-One — 80$/hour
  • Group of 2 — 50$/hour x2
  • Group of 3 — 40$/hour x3

We also offer small classes of 4 – 8 students. They are generally hosted closer to the October, November and December test dates. Contact us to see what crash courses we are currently offering.

All applicable taxes are already included.


  • Introduction to the test for those who cannot take a Complete Exam Consultation with us
  • Registration and application assistance
  • Support sending scores or super-scoring over multiple tests
  • Consulting for the Duolingo or TOEFL

80 – 100$/hour

All applicable taxes are already included.

Interview & Application Essay Support

  • Prep school interview preparation
  • Assistance with student and parent prep school admissions essays

80 – 100$/hour


Sessions are held at the Genesis Tutoring centre in Pointe-Claire, or online. See our centre here.

House-calls for certain services are offered during the off-season (March - August). Availability is limited and subject to a travel fee.

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The SSAT is an admissions test for high school students. It stands for Secondary School Admissions Test. It is part of your application to prep school. The SAT is an admissions test for university students. It stands for Standard Admissions Test. It is part of your university application and is normally taken in grade 12, when you are applying to university. The PSAT is a test that prepares students for the SAT, like a "pre-SAT", or a "practice SAT". Prep schools give the PSAT to students in grade 10 and 11 to prepare them for the SAT. It stands for Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test. Generally, you would not hand in your PSAT to universities — its main purpose is to serve as an introduction to the SAT. There are also opportunities to win scholarships/awards early on if your PSAT scores are in the top scores of your region.  
Yes, we do in person sessions at our office at 620 St. Jean, in Pointe Claire. We also tutor online.
Each tutor has their own availability and schedule. Many tutors can accommodated after-school hours and weekends. Please call or text 438 800 7069 for this week's availability. If you would like to drop in and visit the centre, we offer tours and meetings by appointment only (call or text 438 800 7069). If you come to the centre without an appointment, we may be occupied with other students. Check out images of the centre here.
If you are currently attending a French school, many prep schools will require that you also take an English proficiency test like the TOEFL or Duolingo. This applies to any student whose school operates in another language.  Minimum score requirements are generally 100/120. To understand how the tests are structured, how close you are to the minimum required score, or how to prepare, please contact us. 
No, you cannot use a calculator or dictionary. On the math section students have to do their calculations by hand. For the English sections there is no spellcheck or dictionary. If you have a learning disability, you may be eligible for a calculator or other accommodations. Learn about how to register for disability accommodations here, or contact us.

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