Here is a list of what to bring to in person tests, and online tests taking at home. This list is for people who are not approved for special accommodations. If you feel like you need access to some of the prohibited items due to a disability, I would encourage you to apply for accommodations.

Mandatory Items

  • No. 2 pencils
    • You should have at least 3 pre-sharpened pencils
    • Get the ones with erasers on the backs of them
  • Clear water bottle without labels
  • For in-person testing (paper-based or prometric), print your admission ticket (and print your testing accommodations if you have them).
  • For computer-based testing (at-home or parametric), bring 2 sheets of scrap paper (each sheet must be blank on both sides)
  • If you are approved for accommodations, you may be eligible to bring a 4-function calculator, highlighters, and more

Prohibited Items

  • No calculators (unless you are approved for certain accommodations)
  • No cell phones
    • For in-person testing, if you bring your cell phone into the testing room, it must be off. The invigilator will give students a basket to put their phones before the test starts
    • For at-home testing, a parent/guardian can manage a cell phone for technical support
  • No erasers
    • You can use the little erasers attached to the backs of your wooden No. 2 pencils
  • No mechanical pencils
  • No sharpeners
    • I recommend purchasing a pack of pre-sharpened pencils
  • No pens
  • No highlighters
  • No rulers
  • No watches or fitness trackers
  • No headphones
  • No hats or coats
  • No bags, backpacks or purses
  • No large jewelry
  • Due to the age of the test-takers, no photo ID is necessary, but I would recommend you have one on hand just in case.