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The Difference Between the SSAT, SAT and PSAT

The SSAT — The Prep School Entrance Exam The SSAT is an admissions test for high school and middle school students. Prep schools use the SSAT as part of their admissions process. Students who take the SSAT can be any grade from grades 3 to 11, as long as they are applying to a high school or middle […]

How to Register for the SSAT and Avoid Extra Fees

Hi! I realize that signing up for the SSAT can be logistically confusing. A lot of optional payments are pre-selected for you, so it’s important to be aware of what you’re accepting, and actively uncheck what you don’t want to pay for. This guide will take you through every step of the process. If you’d […]

Submitting the Right Graded Essay for Prep Schools

Application portals like Gateway to Prep School and the SAO usually require students to submit a graded essay. The portals do not give students much guidance on what type of essay to submit. Here are some guidelines to follow. Criteria for Your Essay The quality of your writing is more important the the grade In […]

How to Improve Your SSAT Scores Without Retesting

If you are out of time or cannot re-take the SSAT, here are some ways to boost your SSAT score without retesting: Ultimately, the most straightforward way to improve your SSAT is to practice consistently or get tutored. There are also other meaningful ways to improve your application outside of the SSAT below. If you […]

How to Create a Strong Prep School Application Without the SSAT

The SSAT improves your application. If you choose to not submit your scores, you are putting yourself at a disadvantage compared to students who did. To combat this, applicants who are missing the SSAT should find other ways to make their application stand out. This can be particularly challenging for athletes whose application profiles lack […]

What to Bring on SSAT Test Day

Here is a list of what to bring to in person tests, and online tests taking at home. This list is for people who are not approved for special accommodations. If you feel like you need access to some of the prohibited items due to a disability, I would encourage you to apply for accommodations. […]

Is a Week Enough Time to Prepare for the SSAT?

No, a week is generally not enough time to prepare. However, it is enough time to make improvements towards your score. Each school has different expectations and minimum requirements for the SSAT. When schools look at your SSAT scores, they are not looking at how many points you got right, but rather, how well you […]