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Principles of Mathematics and Logic with Lauren

Sept 21 2020

Hello! My name is Lauren and I love logic. I am tutoring some of the JAC Liberal Arts students in this course. I thought it would be helpful to record some of the explanations and drop them here. Feel free to leave questions, suggestions, or requests in the comments of the YouTube links.

I graduated from Concordia with an Honours BA in philosophy (specialization logic), and a minor in mathematics. I run a small tutoring centre full time, I enjoy the outdoors/primitive survival, and I love my cats. Recording myself online is something I am very new to, but I’m doing it because I enjoy talking about logic, and the class is important to me. If you’d like to see more of this, please let me know, and enjoy this little test run of me navigating the online lesson world for the first time!

Here is a medium-paced explanation of how to turn an English argument into symbols, and then how to check its validity. I only made 2 videos here, with the second one being much more fundamental. For anyone who has an okay grip on this I recommend you try this one here first! The video quality is * poubelle * – a testament to my newness at recording videos. If I make more I will do better next time!

** little mistake there should be brackets around my conclusion of (q V r) in the truth table **

Below is a slower, more beginner explanation of how to turn an English argument into symbols, and then how to check for validity. I don’t like this video because my mouse/pointer did not appear in the recording, and while filming I thought you could see it. That being said, I am often pointing at things with my mouse that you can’t see, and for this reason I am not happy with the turnout. However it’s 2 AM at this point, I am going to bed, and anything worth doing is worth doing poorly, so here you go.