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Prep Books & Resources

Our main lesson plans are written and taught by Lauren. Those strategies are shared and customized during each student’s SSAT tutoring session. However, we often recommend supplemental books for students who want to study independently, and we use these for extra examples. Here is that list of books and how we recommend using them.

Kaplan vs. The Princeton Review

Kaplan vs. Princeton

SSAT Montreal uses both of these books a lot, but they are overwhelming to navigate. They also contain information for both the SSAT and the ISEE (another standardized test), so some of the book will not be relevant to students who are only taking the SSAT. The books pair well with a tutor who is familiarized with their structure, or with a student who is motivated to dig through it.

Princeton has better lessons than Kaplan. Get it on Amazon, or at your local bookstore.

Kaplan is better organized than Princeton, and has better vocabulary and math resource/formula sheets. Get it on Amazon, or at your local bookstore.

The Official Study Guide for the Upper Level SSAT. Includes: Three full-length practice tests! Study questions and tips. The only prep guide written by the SSAT test development team.

Official Guide

The SSATB releases an official guide each school year. This is the only prep book endorsed by the SSAT.

504 Essential Words for SSAT & ISEE (Upper). With Roots/Synonyms/Antonyms/Usage and more... by J Jonathan

Vocabulary Building

This is the book we use for our vocabulary building courses. We couple this resource with memorization tactics and strategies for learning words you’ve never seen before.

Ivy Global | SSAT Math, SSAT English & SSAT Practice

Ivy Global

As a secondary source of practice, Ivy Global is an independent company offering the most extensive SSAT guides on the market. These are also the books we incorporate into our own private courses. Use the promo code “LAURENPREP” for 10% off any order.

Visit the Official SSAT Practice Materials

Online Practice

This year, the SSATB released free official practice materials online. They also sell a more extensive online package, which includes an e-version of the official guide above. These materials are great for independent learners.

The Tutorverse

This has a ton of practice questions, but no lesson plans or strategies. There are answers at the back, but Tutorverse also posts answer explanations online to each question, making this a fantastic resource for students to self-correct their assigned homework.


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